Why is the Color Path duration longer than the duration I set in the Mobile App?

The lights will change color every half a second.

If the Color Path you have set has a lot of colors and the duration is too short to accommodate all the colors changing in half second increments, then the duration will automatically be extended to accommodate all the colors.  You can reduce the number of colors in a color path by doing two things. 

One is to not lighten how you drag your finger across the screen - this will cause the color path to have fewer colors as you will see once you are done creating your Color Path. 

The other option is to delete colors in Edit Scene>Color List. To do this:

  1. On the scene you wish to edit, click on the action menu  button in Android, or the in iOS, and select the clicking on the edit icon
  2. On the Edit Color Path screen, select Color List.  Next to each color, you will see the trash icon . Delete the colors you wish to eliminate.

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