What are the different Hub modes?

Local, Portable & Remote

LEXI hub has 3 different modes – Local, Portable and Remote. Below is a brief description of what these modes are:

Local - Local mode works on WiFi connection. It is used for operations (managing your devices) and configuration (adding new devices). The other 2 modes are only for operations, they cannot be used for configuration (adding devices). To use the local mode, your hub and your phone must be on the same WiFi network.

Portable -  Portable mode is used when you wish to take your LEXI devices outdoors where WiFi is not accessible. It works on Bluetooth where your hub can talk to your devices and your app using Bluetooth technology. This mode only works with LEXI devices and other 3rd party lights cannot be managed in Portable mode. It is also a bit slower than the Local or Remote modes.

Remote - Remote mode is used to send commands to your LEXI hub remotely. Your phone can be on any network and you can use this mode when you are not near your hub or are in a different network. However, you hub still needs to be connected to WiFi for this mode to work.

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Note: Use only Local mode to add devices to your hub.