How to Reset a Device?

There are two ways to reset your LEXI Light/Device.

The first method is to delete the light from the LEXI Mobile App.

  1. On the light you wish to see the Properties, click on the action menu  button in Android, or the  in iOS, and select the clicking on the trash icon.  
  2. As soon as your LEXI Light is deleted, it will start blinking cool white color. This indicates that the device is successfully deleted and ready for new association.

Note: If the device which you want to delete is already used by any of the RULE(s) or GROUP(s) you created in your LEXI app, then it may popup a message saying “Cannot delete device as there are Groups/Rules which depend on this device. Please delete them first before deleting this device.” You will need to delete all rules/groups which are using the device which you want to delete, and then proceed to delete the device again using the steps listed above.

You can also reset the lights by following this process (this will leave the light still showing in your Lexi Mobile App and so is not preferred):

  1. Switch your device on/off 6 times physically (for bulbs, use the on/off associated with the light the bulb is screwed into, for other lights use the button/switch on the device).
    1. You need to click the button on and off (with 2 seconds delay) 6 times. Which means, if you count the total clicks, it will be 12 clicks (counting on and off both).
    2. Keep the device on "switched on" state before you start the power cycle. You will know if your device is switched on when there is a short blink of light when you click the button.
    3.  Then switch it off, wait 2 seconds and switch it on. Wait another 1 second and then switch it off, wait another 2 seconds and switch it on. Follow this for 5 power cycles.
  2. Your device will start blinking the warm white color after you switch it on the 5th time. If it doesn’t start blinking, its battery may be drained out. Kindly connect it to a power source using its charger and try the above step again once its fully charged.
  3. When the device starts blinking warm white, switch it on/off one more time.
  4. Your device will now start blinking cool white color. This indicates that the device is successfully reset and ready for fresh association.

We have two videos for smaller and bigger lights which should help you understand the delay between the clicks (on and off) to successfully reset your devices.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.