How to view Hub details?

In Hub Options, Select Hub Info

The following information will be available under your hub info section: 

  1. NAME: Shows your hub name.
  2. BRAND: Shows the brand name of your hub.
  3. MODEL: Shows the model name of your hub.
  4. VERSION: Shows the version information of your hub. 
  5. IP: These are IP assigned to each added hub(s) on your LEXI App. IP assigned to hub(s) are based on your router’s network.
  6. WiFi/BT/MESH MAC: These are the unique identifiers assigned to a network interface controller. LEXI hub is embedded with (WiFi, BLUETOOTH, MESH) MAC ids.
  7. SSID: Shows the name of the WiFi network on which your hub is configured.
  8. TIMEZONE: Shows the name of the time zone on which your hub is configured.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

Note: LEXI may update your hub’s software using OTA (Over-The-Air) utility, which automatically updates your hub with the latest software. Your hub version information may vary from time to time whenever your LEXI hub gets updated OTA.