How to create a Rule?

The Rules Tile can be found on the Functions Screen. Currently Rules can only be created using Schedules, this will later be expanded to Sensors and various mobile phone functions.

In order to create a Rule now, you will first need to create a Schedule.  After you have created at least one Schedule, follow the steps listed below:

  • Click on the “Create New Rule” icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Type a name for your rule by clicking on the “Rule Name” text box.
  • Select Date & Time as your initial trigger and click Next at the bottom.

  • Now select the Schedule you wish to associate with this Rule and click Next button.
  • The next screen will show you options for “Activity”. Select the desired Activity Category - Color, Scenes, Light Shows, Compositions. Currently, only Scenes option is available.

  • Click Scenes option and it will show you all your available Scenes.
  • Select the desired Scene and click Next button.
  • Now you can either associate individual Devices or Groups to your Rule. Select the Devices or Groups tab and then select the devices or groups you want to associate with this Rule.

  • Click Next button and it will take you back to the Rules screen.
  • You can also select more activities to be performed under this Rule by clicking on the “Add More Activity” button.

  • Select the desired activity and follow the same procedure until you reach the Rules screen.
  • Once you have made all changes, click the Save button.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

Note: When a new rule is created, its set to “ON” by default. To turn it off, click on the action menu  button in Android, or the  in iOS, next to the rule name and then click the toggle  switch icon to “OFF” position.