How to change Light Color, Color Temperature & Brightness

Depending upon your light, you can change its color, color temperature and brightness.

Color Temperature is a term that refers to the white spectrum.  White is the only color with a color temperature which ranges from warm white to cool white.  All Lexi Lights have Tunable White as an option.  Unless you have purchased the Tunable White Only bulbs, you can also control the color of your Lexi Lights over 16M colors.  Nearly every other brand’s lights are similar in that you can control both their color and color temperature. 

The Lexi Mobile apps control all lights the same way, regardless of brand.  You can change color, color temperature and brightness from two screens-the Home Screen and the Devices Tile on the Functions Screen.

Home Screen

  1. Long Press (2 seconds +) the light icon
This will bring you to Color Selection Screen.

There are 4 options for changing colors on this screen. Use the pull-down menu at the top to see your options.


Devices Tile

  1. On the light you wish to control, click on the action menu

 button in Android, or the in iOS, and select the clicking on the color icon .  This will bring you to the Color Selection Screen shown above.

Special Effects

Under special effect, you can find multiple options like Natural Flame, Strobe, Sparkle, etc.

Special Effects

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