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How to add Lexi Smart Thermal Scanner?

To add your Lexi Smart Thermal Scanner to your LEXI app (Hub or No Hub mode), follow the steps given below:

  1. Please ensure that your LEXI hub is in Local mode. If you are adding the Thermal Scanner to your LEXI environment (no hub mode), ensure that the environment is active in your LEXI app.
  2. Make sure your Thermal Scanner has been plugged in/turned on. A Thermal Scanner that is ready to be added will flash a Green light with Wi-Fi sign.
  3. If your Thermal Scanner is not flashing the green Wi-Fi sign, please reset the thermal scanner.
  4. On your LEXI app, select Devices from the Functions Menu.

  5. Click on “Sensors”and then click on "Add Device" from the bottom of your phone screen.
  6. If your mobile phone's Bluetooth is not on, LEXI app will ask permission to switch it on.
  7. Click on “Thermal Scanner”.

  8. At this stage, you should get a pop-up message on your mobile screen. Click OK button.

  9. Now you need to connect your mobile phone to your Thermal Scanner using Wi-Fi. When you search for available Wi-Fi networks on your phone, you will see "LEXI_TempScan" option. Please connect to this network and the password for this Wi-Fi network is "123123123".

  10. Now switch back to your Lexi app again and click the "Try again" button.

  11. Enter the password "123123123" and click Next.

  12. On successful connection, you will see a message “1 Thermal Scanner Found”.

  13. Click on the plus (+) sign to add the Thermal Scanner.

  14. Once its added successfully, you will get the below message. Click OK.

  15. You will notice that the green Wi-Fi signal icon on your Thermal Scanner will stop blinking and show a stable connection.

  16. You can now see the Thermal Scanner on your Lexi app Home Screen as well as on the Functions screen inside the “Sensors” icon.
  17. You can also check this video tutorial on setting up and using your LEXI Smart Thermal Scanner.

      Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.