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How do I connect a Philips Hue light?

To add a Philips Hue light to the LEXI system, please ensure that the Philips Hue Light has been added to the Hue Bridge. Once it has been added to the Hue Bridge, open your LEXI Mobile App and click on the Functions tab. Now click Add Device button on the Devices Screen.

Click on Philips Hue, the next screen will display the list of Philips Hue Bridges the app can find in the local network. Click on the Philips Hue Bridge you wish to add Lights from. You will be instructed to press the button on the Hue Bridge. 

Once that happens, all your Philips Hue lights will appear in your LEXI Mobile App.  Click the + button next to the light you wish to add to your LEXI Mobile App. It will add the chosen Philips Light to the LEXI Mobile App and you will be able to control all operations using your LEXI Mobile App.

Here is a video on how to add your Philips lights to your LEXI system.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.