Can I control multiple LEXI Hubs in different locations?

Yes. You can configure multiple LEXI Hubs in different locations inside your LEXI app. However, you can only control one hub at a time.

If you want to control another LEXI Hub, click the "hamburger" menu  on the top right-hand side. Select “EDIT HUB” option, it will it will show list of hub(s) which are configured on user account, where the currently selected hub is in blue color.  Most likely selecting a new hub will require you to switch WiFi networks.  Click on the action menu  button in Android, or the in iOS, next to your selected hub name and then click on the WiFi icon . Connecting to the new WiFi will make this your newly selected hub.  Once hub is switched then it will appear top on the “MY HUBS” screen.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.